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The Top 40 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Posted: January 9th, 2012 | Author: Gideon Walker | Filed under: Contest | No Comments »

I’ve met quite a few wise, intellectual, successful people, and what they generally had in common was an extensive list of books that they’ve read — on their own, meaning outside of school.

Which reminds me of something…

AppSumo Top 40 Books

40 of the TOP books for entrepreneurs!

Confucius once said,

“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.”

That’s exactly what you do: surrender yourself to ignorance, or choose to be left out of the loop, while everyone else moves forward without you.  But the Chief Sumo aims to rectify that by throwing out a gift to one very lucky Sumo-ling.

You see, we’ve got a little contest going on where you could win…

*Announcer Voice*

The Top 40 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read!

We really mean all 40.  Together.  It’s yours.  Take it.

Just get on over to our contest page here, and answer 1 simple question (I’m not sure if we could’ve made the question any easier).

If that wasn’t enough to get you excited about getting FREE books (that could not only make ya smarter, but improve your life), as an added bonus we’re giving away $5 of AppSumo credit INSTANTLY, just for signing up for the contest.

So what do you have to lose?

It makes me sad that they’re doing this contest now because from reading the list of books here:

  1. Blue Ocean Strategy – W. Chan Kim (signed)
  2. Business Model Generation – Alexander Osterwalder
  3. Crush It! – Gary Vaynerchuk
  4. Delivering Happiness – Tony Hsieh (signed)
  5. Drive – Daniel H. Pink (signed)
  6. Founders at Work – Jessica Livingston
  7. Getting Things Done – David Allen
  8. Good to Great – Jim Collins
  9. Guerrilla Marketing – Jay Conrad Levinson
  10. How To Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie
  11. Inbound Marketing – Brian Halligan, Dharmesh Shah and David Meerman Scott
  12. Influence – Robert B. Cialdini
  13. Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Peter F. Drucker
  14. Losing My Virginity – Richard Branson
  15. Made to Stick – Chip Heath
  16. Making Ideas Happen – Scott Belsky
  17. Maverick: The Success Story Behind the World’s Most Unusual Workplace – Ricardo Semler
  18. Never Eat Alone – Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz
  19. Permission Marketing – Seth Godin (signed)
  20. Purple Cow – Seth Godin (signed)
  21. Ready, Fire, Aim – Michael Masterson
  22. Rework – Jason Fried
  23. Steve Jobs – Walter Isaacson
  24. Street Smarts – Norm Brodsky
  25. The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing – Al Ries and Jack Trout
  26. The 4-Hour Workweek – Timothy Ferriss
  27. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R. Covey
  28. The Art of the Start – Guy Kawasaki
  29. The Dip – Seth Godin (signed)
  30. The E-Myth Revisited – Michael E. Gerber
  31. The Fountainhead – Ayn Rand
  32. The Four Steps to the Epiphany – Steven Gary Blank
  33. The Innovator’s Dilemma – Clayton M. Christensen
  34. The Lean Startup – Eric Ries
  35. The One Minute Entrepreneur – Ken Blanchard
  36. The Paradox of Choice – Barry Schwartz
  37. The Personal MBA – Josh Kaufman
  38. The Toyota Way – Jeffrey K. Liker
  39. The Ultimate Sales Machine – Chet Holmes, Jay Conrad Levinson and Michael Gerber
  40. Tribes – Seth Godin (signed)

…I’ve already bought and read 10 of ‘em and have been eyeing the majority of the other books.  Oh wells, at least one of you will benefit from winning these books (and your friends will, too, if you’re nice and want to help them out by lending a couple of the books you won).

You can jump to the contest page here and enter for your chance to win the top 40 books every entrepreneur should read as well as $5 in AppSumo credit just for entering!

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